Gail Sikes with Little GirlWe began our life with Clumber Spaniels in 2002 in Palm City, Florida, with the adoption of an adult female by the name of Critter’s Happy at Quail Hollow (Happy). We had been waiting for a puppy, but fell in love with Happy during our introduction to the breed and even before she was offered to us. When she became available for adoption, we jumped at the chance to make her our own. Our lives were forever changed with Happy and we soon discovered that the Clumber Spaniel is a fine Sporting Dog graced with beauty, dignity, loyalty and the strength and determination to perform any task at hand. We knew that we could not stop at just one (1) Steve Sikes with his boy BaronClumber.

A year after adopting Happy, we were blessed by our breeder at Quail Hollow with a beautiful female Clumber puppy, 12 weeks old, by the name of Quail Hollow’s Auntie Em (Emma). We were not a “Show Family”, just a family who loved Clumber Spaniels and wanted the opportunity to raise a Clumber puppy to adulthood. In fact, we had never even attended a Dog Show prior to being graced with our Emma. Because Emma was “Show Quality”, and at the urging of our breeder, we agreed to enter her in the Conformation Ring in an upcoming Show. Much to our surprise, Emma won the very first Show she was entered in......and we were hooked. She reached her Championship very quickly and we found that we loved showing and all the events that Clumbers participate in. To that end, we knew that breeding Emma was in store for our future so that we could pass on her wonderful qualities and enable us to have other Clumber Spaniels to love and to show and/or participate in other sporting arenas. We also had every hope that we could honor other loving families with the opportunity to share in this wonderful breed.

Clumber Spaniel: Harry in the fieldOur first litter of four (4), CH. Quail Hollow’s Auntie Em X CH. Bluemoon n Kingswood Canoli, was born on October 9, 2005, and included two (2) boys and two (2) girls. They are Pinecliff Baron Brasstown Bald (Baron), Pinecliff Lord Young Harris (Harry), Pinecliff Dame Nottley Demi (Demi), all of whom are loved by us and remain here at Pinecliff. Our fourth puppy (the second girl), Quail Hollow’s Lady Noli Chatsworth (Noli, renamed Jelly), is proudly and lovingly owned by our breeder at Quail Hollow in Florida. Of this litter, we are pleased and proud to announce that Baron and Noli both became Champions in the Conformation Ring long before their second birthdays.

With five (5) Clumber Spaniels in our family, we decided that we wanted to relocate out of Florida so that we could find acreage and a large home that would enable our Clumbers to be happy, healthy and able to enjoy life to the fullest. We were fortunate to find acreage in the Northern Georgia mountains with woods, hills, valleys and two (2) swimming ponds for the dogs. We have relocated to this wonderful place that is now Pinecliff and we consider it “Clumber Heaven”. Our Clumbers agree.

Our second litter, CH. Quail Hollow’s Auntie Em X CH. Avalea Magical Minstrel, born on November 12, 2007,Clumber Spaniel: Baron trucking down the creek... is on the ground and we are expecting great things from the six (6) boys and three (3) girls. Watch for them in May, 2008, as they will be starting in the Conformation Ring at that time.

We are proud to have begun our Show/Hobby breeding program with our Emma. In breeding we strive for pairing only beautiful, healthy Clumber Spaniels with exceptional temperaments and we research our pedigrees thoroughly. We are dedicated to the Clumber Spaniel breed and aspire to breed only Clumbers with good health and excellent temperaments. We fully health screen all of our puppies including CERF for eyes, PDP1 status and have DNA on file. We also fully vaccinate and micro chip all puppies before placement in their forever homes.

All of our puppies will be placed with contracts. Our puppies which will not be shown in the Conformation Ring, those which will be strictly placed as companionship dogs only, will be done so with American Kennel Club (AKC) limited registration and spay/neuter contracts. Our puppies which will be shown in the Conformation Ring will be placed into carefully selected private homes or with other known show hobby enthusiasts, and only upon our approval.

All of our puppies will be American Kennel Club (AKC) registered and will not be registered with any alternative registries associated with or used by Commercial breeders. We are proud members of the Clumber Spaniel Club of America (CSCA) and agree with and live by their code of ethics.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning Clumber Spaniels or if you would like to fill out a Questionnaire which would be the first introduction to the purchase of any of our Clumber Spaniel puppies or adult dogs.

~ Steve & Gail

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